Social Insurance

Social Insurance

Our certified social insurance labor consultants support the enhancement of core personnel operations

For social insurance procedures, Social Insurance Consulting Firm EOS handles the preparation and submission of the documents and applications to be submitted based on the various labor and social insurance laws and regulations. In principle, the procedures use electronic application.

If you entrust us with these operations, we optimize the operation process flow with the timing of outsourcing introduction, build solid work procedures free of omissions together with your staff, then cut over. We have satisfied many clients of different company sizes, from a few employees to several thousand.

We can also provide one-stop payroll accounting operations and social insurance/personnel and labor operations. In that case, we seamlessly link employee salary information and social insurance information within our company to eliminate work duplication, for example providing the same information to payroll vendors and certified social insurance labor consultants.

Social Insurance

Basic services and applied services

Basic services

  • Social insurance procedures
  • Personnel and labor consulting
Applied services

Social insurance services

  • Social insurance procedures for large-scale business places
  • Full-package on-site support
  • Customization of services according to the situation
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Applied services

Personnel and labor services

  • Labor adviser
  • Due diligence
  • Employee training for the personnel department
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Basic service details

We provide prompt, high-quality services regardless of company size

EPCS's social insurance and personnel labor services are provided by certified social insurance labor consultants promptly and with high quality regardless of the size of your company.

Social insurance procedures *

  • Social insurance policy procedure service
  • Labor insurance policy procedure service
  • Monthly change, preparation/submission of calculation basis reports
  • Preparation and submission of bonus payment reports
  • Calculation and declaration of labor insurance premiums
  • Various insurance benefit applications/claims
  • Foreigner social insurance coverage
  • Certification of application of social insurance agreement
  • Newly applied procedure for social insurance

Personnel and labor consulting

  • Labor advisor
  • Labor dispute measures
  • Labor dispute mediation service
  • Due diligence
  • Preparation and modification of work rules and regulations
  • Preparation and submission of labor-management agreements
  • Preparation of English-language work rules and employment contracts
  • Employee training

* Social insurance procedures and social insurance labor consultant operations are provided by Social Insurance Consulting Firm EOS.

Service Points

Staff with both expertise and experience provide services

Handling social insurance procedures and personnel and labor issues begins with a request for procedures or consultation/inquiry from the client. Social insurance procedures are complicated and the issuance of documents by the responsible government is slow, so it can be considered a troublesome task that can easily lead to complaints from employees, but it is an important task. Entrusting such work to us enables you to shift the weight of work to the core work (personnel planning and proposals) that are needed as the original role of human resources.

We provide personnel and labor services with the awareness that they not only deal with problems that are currently occurring in core operations (personnel planning and proposals) and the handling of problem employees, but also affect payroll accounting and social insurance procedures.

This makes it possible to provide total support without dividing payroll accounting, social insurance, and personnel and labor into separate operations.

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