Services for foreign companies

We have experienced bilingual staff

EPCS accounting and tax outsourcing has posted many achievements for foreign companies. We were established as an independent company by splitting off from Ernst & Young, one of the world's leading international accounting firms, so we provide high-quality, efficient services.

We have a large number of tax accountants, certified public accountants, US CPAs, and other experienced bilingual staff, so please leave not only bookkeeping in English-language accounting, but also reporting for US/international standards and communication in English to us.

Services for foreign companies

Examples of services for foreign companies

Support when entering Japan

At EPCS, in collaboration with affiliated bilingual judicial scriveners and lawyers, we provide advice on legal affairs, accounting, and taxation (*1) for entering Japan, and carry out corporate registration procedures for Japanese corporations, Japanese branches, etc. In addition, we handle all tax reporting(*1) and social insurance procedures(*2) at the time of company establishment.

*1... Click here for more information on tax services.

*2... Click here for details on payroll and personnel and labor services.

Bookkeeping service/reporting for overseas head offices

After bookkeeping in English-language accounting, we prepare English-language financial statements and reporting packages and consolidated packages prescribed by overseas head offices according to the specified accounting standards. We have a large number of bilingual staff, so we can report directly to the overseas head office and answer their questions.

Compliance with overseas accounting standards

Rest assured that EPCS outsourcing services support the accounting standards of each nation. We process accounting to US-GAAP, IFRS, and other accounting standards.

Payment services/fund management operations

We pay approved employees, vendors, taxes, etc. using the designated banking system including foreign banks. It is also possible to use an EPCS client deposit account.

Audit support

In addition to handling accounting audits, we also handle audits by internal auditors dispatched from overseas head offices. If most of the required materials are at EPCS, it is possible to proceed with the audit in an EPCS meeting room.

Tax service (service by Tax Consulting Firm EOS)

Tax Consulting Firm EOS handles all tax matters such as tax filing and tax consultation.

* Click here for more information on tax services.

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