Professional firms provide payroll accounting services through strategic outsourcing.

Payroll operations are said to be the highest volume zone in personnel work, and are also the most important operations because they require safe and stable operation for employees. For the payroll operations, EPCS proposes optimally customized strategic outsourcing to match the client's company, regardless of size, from a few employees to thousands.

Concretely, we support our clients by incorporating related personnel and labor management issues from various perspectives, based on the legal knowledge that accompanies payroll accounting and efficient business processes.

Especially for foreign clients, we provide bilingual back offices that address the issues peculiar to foreign companies, from the start-up in Japan to taking root in Japan.

EPCS's payroll accounting service supports the various needs of our client companies and deals with their issues.


Basic services and applied services

Basic services

  • Payroll accounting
  • Social insurance
  • Payment service
  • Consulting
Applied services

Services for foreign companies

  • Payroll accounting, social insurance
  • English-speaking Help Desk
  • Support for office establishment
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Applied services

Consulting service

  • Business process consulting
  • Special payroll accounting consulting
  • System revision consulting
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Basic service details

Providing finely tuned services

EPCS payroll outsourcing provides finely detailed service. We calculate salaries based on the materials we receive from our clients every month and provide various materials necessary for management analysis. In addition, for year-end adjustments, we prepare materials such as guidance and entry examples that match the needs of our clients, and provide a thorough service from checking the contents to responding to inquiries.

In addition, linking the social insurance procedure with payroll accounting makes it possible to achieve quick and appropriate processing without any hassle. Our staff with high specialized knowledge respond flexibly and resourcefully, so you can leave it to us with confidence.

Payroll accounting, Social insurance

  • Monthly payroll
  • Bonus, lump-sum calculation
  • Severance pay calculation
  • Year-end adjustment calculation
  • Labor/social insurance procedure service
  • Attendance, paid leave management
  • Resident tax transfer and renewal processing
  • Preparation of legal books and salary payment reports
  • Preparation of salary-related journals
  • Monthly change, calculation basis submission, reporting

Payment service

  • Payroll transfer
  • Resident tax and withholding tax payment
  • Tax administrator service
  • Expense calculation
  • Payment to vendors
  • Passbook storage
  • Monthly fixed amount transfer
  • Overseas remittance
  • Tax payment representative, tax payment service


  • Expat Gross-up calculation
  • Tax (mainly tax withholding) advice
  • Legal rent
  • Improvement of business processing processes
  • Tax equalization
  • Retirement benefit trial calculation
  • Fringe benefits

Service Points

High quality, safe outsourcing of operations

Payroll accounting starts with you sending monthly payroll information. The quality of the payroll information (fixed, variable) is important for stable operation of payroll accounting. How the person in charge at the client company can efficiently pick up the salary information for the month and EPCS can accurately catch up with it is an important point for realizing the process of sending and receiving this input information with high quality. EPCS provides services focusing not only on simple calculation processing but also on the overall flow of payroll accounting operations.

In addition, multiple staff check not only the results of payroll calculations, but also the process and social insurance procedures too, so high-accuracy, high-quality services are achieved. In addition, our staff, who are highly conscious of security thanks to thorough education, provide highly safe outsourcing services in a thorough security system, so you can use these services with satisfaction and peace of mind.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, sudden changes in the amount of payment, data delays, urgent procedures, etc. emergency response is sometimes required, but even in such cases, we can respond flexibly and promptly with our system of using more personnel.

Benefits of introduction

Mechanism to reduce the burden on the person in charge

Outsourcing payroll accounting and social insurance procedures and improving efficiency can achieve the following benefits.

Mechanism to reduce the burden on the person in charge
Mechanism to reduce the burden on the person in charge

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