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President and CEO

Masayuki NozakiCertified Public Accountant

We contribute to our clients' sustainable growth and enhanced corporate value by supporting back office operations such as accounting and taxation, payroll accounting and social insurance.
In addition to simple business outsourcing, we provide high-value BPO (business process outsourcing) services such as bilingual support for foreign companies, support for consolidated settlements for listed companies, support for complex taxes, labor consulting, and other specialized competencies. In addition, we can provide one-stop services such as daily bookkeeping operations, settlement operations, tax operations, payroll accounting, social insurance operations, and payment services.
Utilizing BPO services allows our customers to concentrate on their core business and supports their further growth.

Action Philosophy

High Quality
High overall quality

Pursuing high expertise, high reliability, and high safety, we provide comprehensive high-quality services by utilizing IT technology.

Global Standard
Staff fluent in English

We provide services by bilingual staff with abundant experience of foreign-affiliated companies.

Cost Efficiency
High cost efficiency

We pursue productivity by utilizing advanced operations knowledge and IT technology to provide cost-effective services.

Professional Talent
Stable service

We strive to develop highly specialized staff and provide stable services.

There are issues with back office operations ・ We want to improve efficiency and increase work productivity!
If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding back office operations, please contact
EP Consulting Services.

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