How We Handle Personal Information

Personal Information Handling

EP Consulting Services Corporation (EPCS) handles personal information according to our privacy policy as follows below.
However, some specific personal information will be handled according to our "Basic Policy for Handling Specific Personal Information"
  1. Collection and use of customers’ personal information

    EPCS will use personal information only for the specific purpose for which it was provided, including the following activities:

    <Inquiries to EPCS>
    Collected personal information:
    Name, contact information (phone number, email address etc.)
    Corresponding with customers regarding inquiries and business negotiations
    <Sign-ups for trials of our products and services>
    Collected personal information:
    Name, address, email address, phone number, department etc.
    Executing contractual rights and obligations Providing information regarding our products and services Providing information regarding events and seminars For information regarding the collection and use of personal information for purposes other than the above, please refer to Public Notice in Privacy Policy.
  2. Refusal to provide personal information

    In the event that a customer refuses to provide personal information, we may not be able to offer the services listed above.

  3. Sharing information with 3rd parties

    EPCS shall not provide personal information to 3rd parties except in the following instances:

    1. With the customer’s advance consent
    2. When requested by law enforcemen
    3. When it is required in the interest of protecting a person’s life, body or property or those of the public
    4. When we are obligated to cooperate with laws established by the government and obtaining consent from the individual hinders the performance of official work
  4. Disclosure, amendment or suspension of personal information access

    Upon obtaining confirmation with the customer, we will comply with the following requests:

    1. Choosing to disclose personal information
    2. Amending or eliminating erroneous personal information
    3. Suspending or stopping use of personal information (subject to Company review and possible objection)
    4. However, due laws or regulations requiring the retention of personal information, there are instances in which we may not be able to comply with certain requests.
  5. Privacy manager

    The following representative oversees the handling of personal information.

    Director: Akio Takisaki EP Consulting Service Corporation Hibiya Fort Tower 16F, 1-1-1 Nishishinbashi, Minato City, Tokyo Tokyo 105-0003 TEL: +81-50-1743-4000