Outsourcing from routine work to highly specialized work

In addition to daily bookkeeping, monthly settlement, annual settlement, and tax filing, we can also help you with highly specialized work such as consolidated settlement, preparation of brief reports and securities reports, audit support, IFRS support, and handling of difficult tax issues. We also handle budget management work and create your company's own report materials.

We also provide detailed services such as on-site services, bilingual Japanese-English support, incorporation support, GAAP adjustment, and special purpose company (SPC) operations in structured finance such as asset liquidation. We believe that it is our mission to provide high quality, speedy services so that you can concentrate on your core business with peace of mind.

EPCS accounting and tax outsourcing meets all your needs.


Basic services and applied services

Basic services

  • Routine accounting operations
  • monthly accounting operations
  • settlement operations
  • tax operations
  • consulting
Applied services

Services for listed companies/Japanese companies

  • Settlement work (non-consolidated/consolidated)
  • Disclosure work (brief reports/annual securities reports)
  • Subsidiary full outsourcing
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Applied services

Services for foreign companies

  • Support for expanding into Japan
  • Bookkeeping service/Reporting for overseas head offices
  • Compliance with overseas accounting standards etc.
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Applied services

Asset liquidation project・SPC service

  • Structuring support during formation
  • Bookkeeping service/reporting
  • Payment services, fund management, etc.
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Applied services

Tax outsourcing service

  • Tax consulting service
  • Tax advice service
  • Support for tax audits, etc.
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Basic service details

Providing a wide range of services

We provide a wide range of services from routine accounting to settlement, taxation, and consulting. We can also handle operations not listed below. Please feel free to contact us.

Routine accounting operations

  • Bookkeeping service
  • Voucher issuance
  • Voucher check
  • Accounting system input
  • Accounting document filing operations
  • Account balance inquiries
  • Consumption tax classification verification
  • Payment service
  • Invoice issuance and sending
  • Expense settlement processing

Monthly accounting work

  • Receivables balance confirmation
  • Deposit application
  • Liability balance confirmation
  • Fixed asset related processing
  • Personnel cost related processing
  • Various deferred and accrual account transfers
  • Preparation of monthly management materials, etc.
  •  -Trial balances, financial statements
  •  -Fund procurement operation status report
  •  -Preliminary management tables
  •  -List of uncollected loans
  •  -Support for other client-specified formats

Settlement operations

  • Settlement adjustment assortment journalizing
  • Retirement benefit accounting
  • Asset impairment accounting
  • Account breakdown document preparation
  • Non-consolidated/consolidated financial statement preparation
  • Audit response support

Tax operations

  • Preparation and submission of various tax returns
  • Tax consultation
  • Tax investigation support
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax calculation
  • Tax effect accounting
  • Creating and submitting business overview and account breakdown document preparation
  • Legal records preparation


  • Review of business flow
  • Repair of various work files
  • Consolidated package repair
  • Support for early settlement of accounts
  • Review of accounting policy

Service Points

Efficient system construction through selective outsourcing

What do you imagine when you hear about accounting and tax outsourcing? I think that some of our clients find it unthinkable to outsource the accounting and tax operations that form the basis of the company. EPCS outsourcing will support the "necessary part" according to the client's request.First of all, please inquire about the operations that are giving you trouble.

[Example of partial outsourcing]  Expense checking, disclosure document review, settlement operations, tax filing, consolidated operations

Reliable on-site support

EPCS accounting and tax outsourcing are also available on-site. We provide on-site support in response to requests such as "I want you to work with us on site," "We cannot allow information to be taken out of the company," and "We can only use our system in-house".

There are issues with back office operations ・ We want to improve efficiency and increase work productivity!
If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding back office operations, please contact
EP Consulting Services.

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