It depends on the work, volume, etc. for the quotation, but we usually present it in about 2 days to 1 week.
It depends on the contents of the operations, so we will make an individual quotation. Before making an estimate, we ask you about the details of the operations that you are considering outsourcing and the number of cases to be processed.
It is possible to set the service range according to the customer's request. Please let us know your request by phone, e-mail, meeting, etc. at the time of the first consultation.
At least 3 managers/reviewers/preparers will be in charge regardless of the size of the outsourced operations. In our daily work, we have a system for double checking by reviewer/preparers to prevent mistakes and maintain quality.
In security-related fields, we have obtained the P mark and are examined by an approval body once every two years. In addition, regarding the handling of specific personal information, we strictly regulate the controlled area and handling area in compliance with the guidelines recommended by the government.


We can make the bookkeeping entries and submit the necessary materials and data to your tax accountant in charge. However, in almost all cases, the total cost would be lower to request from bookkeeping to settlement of accounts and tax filing altogether because that is more efficient.
In principle, we do not support simple dispatch of accounting staff, but we may be able to handle it, so please consult us. In addition, we may visit your office as necessary to perform specific or temporary work.
It depends on the content of the operations, the number of cases processed, etc., but on average it takes about 2 to 3 months after the contract is signed.


Yes, it is possible. We will prepare a tax return by providing necessary materials and data from the client (or another contractor). However, if the bookkeeping work has already been outsourced to another company, in almost all cases, the total cost lower if you entrust everything from the bookkeeping to us because it is more efficient if we handle everything from bookkeeping to settlement of accounts and tax filing.
Yes, we can handle that. In addition to consultations from purely individual clients, we also accept consultations on final tax returns for corporate clients' executives and employees, so please feel free to consult us about what you need.


Since the operations flow will be reviewed in the introduction phase, it usually takes 3 months or more for clients with hundreds of employees. However, if you are in a hurry, you can shorten the introduction period by having us take over current operations as is.
We do not develop systems, so we do not provide systems for end users. However, for the web statement system, we can propose the one provided by one of our group companies. In addition, there are cases in which we run the system used by the client, so please feel free to contact us about this.
As standard, we require 4 business days for payroll calculation. However, we will flexibly set up a payroll calculation schedule to match the client's circumstances, so as the first step, please consult with us.
Yes we can. In that case, it is a prerequisite that the customer sends the funds necessary for payment to our dedicated account. In addition to salary, we can also handle tax withholding, residents tax, and labor and social insurance premiums on your behalf.
Yes, you can. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need to. In addition to simple consultation about the salary system, we can also provide one-stop support for changes in work rules, the impact on social insurance, etc. accompanying the changes in the salary system.

Social Insurance

Yes, you can. In fact, there are cases where we only provide social insurance services to clients who have thousands of employees. In addition, by you providing monthly salary calculation information, we support monthly change notifications, calculation basis notifications, and labor insurance annual renewals.
As standard, we have a time charge system, so we will charge you according to the time taken. However, it is possible to set a fixed monthly consultation fee if that works better for the client, for example when the same kind of consultation comes up every month.
There are cases in which we also undertake direct support for all employees as an option. In some cases, we may send health insurance cards, separation notices, etc. direct to them without going through the personnel department, or we may set up a help desk email address to respond directly to inquiries. As a first step, please let us know what you need.
First, it eliminates the need for clients to accumulate know-how on operations execution. Social insurance procedures can be seen as operations that easily become individualized because there are so many types of reports and so many procedures that require attached documents. By outsourcing such work, we can make effective use of human resources. In addition, we will review the operations flow in the introduction stage so that you can use services with high cost performance.
We have many accomplishments in training personnel department staff on payroll accounting and social insurance operations. We also hold briefing sessions for employees when there are changes in an internal system. When actually providing training, we have a close discussion with your staff about the effects and purpose of the training, the content of the materials and how to proceed, then propose a plan.

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