A Struggle to Train Tax Professionals (2)


Last time, I introduced two reasons why it is difficult to train tax professionals. The first is that there are many kind of taxes to learn, and the second is that highly seasonal and not busy all year around. When busy times are limited, tax personnel can't just do tax work. As a result, knowledge of other tasks is required, and the knowledge and experience that tax personnel needs to acquire is enormous. And it is very difficult in terms of time and cost to train tax personnel who require a lot of knowledge including such non-tax knowledge. Therefore, only those who can do tax work will be depended so that they will do tax work all the time. Then, is there a way to avoid such depending particular employee?

Proposal of outsourcing - to prevent depending on particular employee

In order to prevent depending on particular employee, it is necessary to hire multiple personnel with abundant knowledge of taxes. That way, you don't have to spend time and money developing human resources from the beginning, and even if one person retires, you can continue to work without falling into depending on particular employee. But the question is whether we can hire such employees when and in the required number. If you are recruiter, you may have some experience, but the fact is that hiring people with the knowledge you are looking for at the timing you want to hire does not go well. It would be even more difficult to hire multiple such people. How about outsourcing tax works to prevent that from happening? If you outsource tax works and leave it to an outside expert, a tax accountant or a tax accountant firm, you will not need to develop human resources in-house. The tax accountant and tax accountant firm already have a huge amount of knowledge and experience, so there is no need to spend a lot of money and time on training. You also don't have to worry about when your tax work will be busy. Therefore, you will not concerned about depending on particular employee, and you will not have to struggle to hire personnel with the specialized knowledge and experience. If you want to have someone who is familiar with taxes in your company, you can ask the tax accountant or tax accountant firm to give a lecture on your tax matter. Even in a company that currently has a tax personnel, by outsourcing the tax work, the person in charge of tax work can make to perform in closer to the main business of the company. For example, in order to consider the future of a company, management accounting for each section will be required. You can assign the person in charge of tax work as the analyst, or you may assign him/she to ROE management. You can also assign him/she to core business for his/her knowledge of finance and tax. In any case, the person in charge of taxation will be able to focus on the work necessary for the management of the company. By outsourcing tax work in this way, I think you can effectively use human resources.

What do you think? How about considering outsourcing tax work as a means of reducing the risk of depending on particular employee and effectively using human resources?

鈴木 康功

Yasunori Suzuki

Accounting Solution Division/Manager/Tax Accountant Tax Consulting Firm EOS Partner Passed the certified public tax accountant examination in 2003. Registered as a certified public tax accountant in 2005. After working at an accounting office, joined EPCS in 2009.

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