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A Team of Unparalleled Professionals

We as a company are always striving to support the growth of our customers through back office services.
Responding to ever-changing environments is an important issue for any company.
We provide support through our specialized skills ranging from accounting and personnel to general affairs to allow our customers to devote themselves to their core business.
It’s said that a company is the people who comprise it. Likewise, the growth of a company is determined by the growth of each individual. We aspire to grow along with our customers and do our utmost to keep the “why” of our work at the forefront of our minds.
Along with maintaining smooth and open communication, our team of unparalleled professionals does their utmost to provide customers with high value-added service.

Representative Director, EP Consulting Servives Corporation

Masayuki Meguro
Certified Public Accountant / Certified Tax Accountant