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Set-up Process

Fast implementation

Our outsourcing services can complete effective introduction efficiently based on the know-how obtained from the extensive experiences. For a client currently using another outsourcing company, we commence our services upon the sufficient takeover from the outsourcing company so that we can minimize problems that frequently occur at the early stage. If we discover some issues, we will review business processes to solve the issues. We can commence our services within a month from the start of the consultation by smooth and effective approaches.

What are our services in details?
What are our prior experiences?
What are our fee structure?
If you are interested in further details about our services, please feel free to contact us.

1. Consultation
Consult with us about your needs and current issues.
2. Quotation
Offer a quotation based on the consultation and your budget.
3. Contract
Sign a contract.
4. Introduction
Take over existing work from your current outsourcing company and set up accounting software.
5. Commencement
Commence our services.