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Services for foreign capital firm

EPCS retains dozens of bilingual professional staff members and provides services to foreign companies

From payroll calculation, social insurance and labor management for foreign companies with particular issues, we provide a comprehensive solution that satisfies the needs of our clients.We have long assisted many foreign companies since they entered in Japan and we can communicate with overseas head offices directly.

Detail of services

Support for start-up business in Japan

We provide services to foreign companies starting at incorporation and a member of our management can serve as a nominal director.
Depending on type of entity, such as a branch or a representative office and on employment status such as a expat or a locally-hired, we can prepare employment contract and working regulations converted from the ones in home country to match Japanese standards.

Payroll calculation and social Insurance

Our services include calculation of net salary amount of an expat being assigned from a home country (tax equalization), payroll calculation including withholding tax for a non-resident and tax gross-up calculation for economic benefits such as rent and home leave allowances.
Also our services cover remitting a part of an employee’s salary to employee’s bank account in home country.
Our bilingual professional staff members can communicate with overseas parent company or head office regarding Japanese complicated system as well as social insurance procedures for the lump-sum withdrawal payments or application of the bilateral social security agreement between Japan and other countries.