Our consulting services

We can offer not only consulting services included in our basic service program but also ad-hoc consulting services. We provide a wide variety of consulting services so please contact us if you have any issues.

Detail of services

Payroll calculation and social insurance

We sometimes discover some issues relating to tax and labor management through our basic services to our clients. In such cases, we not only just raise the issues but also give some appropriate advice in line with the current situation. You can consult with us about tax and labor management issues included in our basic services.

Human resource and labor consulting

When it comes to managing a company, there are often some labor related problems. Especially firing employees and accident at work may lead to a big trouble. Therefore, it is essential to take adequate precautions against such trouble. While controlling such labor related problems, we also should focus on utilizing human resources. After assessing the current situation, we help our clients develop their businesses by introducing better solutions, dealing with regulatory agencies and optimizing business flow.