Basic Services

EPCS Payroll and social insurance services can provide meticulous services

We calculate salary based on information provided by our clients on a monthly basis, and we can also prepare various documents to be used for management analysis. At year-end withholding tax adjustment ,we provide our clients with some useful guidance and example according to the needs of our clients, check contents and answer inquiries from our clients. We can process social insurance procedures with a minimum time and effort as they are linked to payroll calculation. Our quality professional staff members take a flexible approach, knowing that your business is in good hands.

Detail of services

Payroll calculation begins at receiving monthly data and master data from you. It does not matter a type of format you send data in so you can send us data in whatever format it is convenient for you. Once we receive payroll data, we review it and input it in payroll software. Payroll calculation process is also linked to social insurance program and we proceed to the change upon receiving date that requires procedures for the change. From payroll calculation and social insurance procedures, all processes are checked by multiple staff members so that we can provide a high-quality services In addition, our professional staff members with high security-conscious provide services under tight security. We can deal with delay in data or urgent matters due to unexpected change in event promptly and flexibly by multiple staff members.