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Payroll and Social insurance

EPCS’s Payroll and Social insurance

Our payroll calculation and social insurance outsourcing services meet every needs of our clients.

Regardless of size of company (from a small company with a handful of employees to a large company with thousands of employees), we can provide comprehensive, quality and highly-reliable services ranging from payroll calculation to human resource management . Our services can be tailored strategically depending on your needs and current circumstances so that introduction and running costs can be minimized.

Especially for foreign companies, we begin assisting them in starting up their business and provide them with bilingual back office outsourcing services which suit each company’s particular needs.

Payroll calculations Social insurance managements *1 Cash disbursements Services by Certified Social insurance Labor consultant *1 Consultations and other services
Payroll and bonus calculations Filing of social insurance applications Salary payments Preparation / Review of working regulations Various consultations for HR managements
Year-end tax adjustments Filing of labor insurance applications Taxes payments Preparation and annual filing of agreements for overtime Filing of individual tax return *2
Sign-on bonus and retirement allowance calculations Filing of application at bonus payments Provision of tax representatives Preparation / Review of employment contracts and other documents relating to HR Management Consulting for individual taxes *2
Payroll calculations for Expats , such as gross-up calculations Filing of annual social and labor insurance reports Expense reimbursements to employees Various advice at the change of law and regulations Tax equalization *2
Attendance and vacation managements Enrollment procedures for social insurance programs at incorporation Various payments for vendors Assistance of labor audit Supports of recruitment procedures
Withholding taxes and payroll reports Various special treatments for Expats Keeping bank passbooks and seals
Preparation of journal entries related for payroll Various treatments relating to Social security agreements Overseas remittances

*1 Cooperative services with Social insurance Consulting firm EOS)

*2 Cooperative services with Tax Consulting firm EOS

Please feel free to contact us if any of the situations listed below applies to you.

  • Your current outsourcing company makes lots of mistakes
  • You would like to minimize those who have access to payroll and personal identifiable information
  • You would like to eliminate waste of hand-over process caused by turnover
  • The employee you had trained at great cost and effort left the company
  • You are concerned about in-house payroll calculation due to security reason
  • You would like to cut back on overhead cost for payroll staff members and maintenance fee for payroll calculation software
  • Your employees often points out mistakes in payroll calculation
  • You have hard time dealing with frequent law revision and change in insurance rate
  • You are quite uncertain about cost-performance provided by your current outsourcing company
  • You always have hard time preparing accounting documents or handout for management meeting
  • You normally spend lots of time dealing with inquiries from your employees
  • You want to review workflow as well as personnel system of your company
  • You spend lots of time tallying up time cards