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Services for foreign capital firm

EPCS’s outsourcing services for foreign capital firm

EPCS has been performing professional accounting, finance, and tax outsourcing services to a number of foreign companies. Given the history that EPCS was spun off from Ernst & Young, the world’s leading international accounting firm, we provide high-quality and efficient services to you. Our certified tax accountants, certified public accountants, U.S. certified public accountants, and other experienced bilingual staffs enables us to provide our clients with bookkeeping in English as well as financial reporting based on U.S. GAAP/IFRS, and communication in English.

Detail of services

Support on starting business in Japan

Cooperating with our affiliated bilingual judicial scriveners and lawyers, EPCS advises on legal, accounting and tax matters at incorporation, and go through the procedure of the registration of incorporation of Japanese corporation or Japan branch. Our services cover any procedures related to company incorporation, such as various types of tax application , social insurance application, and so on.   *Please see the link Payroll and Social Insurance Outsourcing for the detail.

Bookkeeping services and financial reporting to overseas head office

After bookkeeping in English, we prepare financial statements in English, reporting package specific to overseas headquarters, or consolidated reporting package based on any accounting principles to meet your needs. As we have many bilingual staffs, we are able to report to overseas headquarters directly and respond to inquiries from them.

Dealing with international accounting standards

Please be assured that EPCS is able to provide accounting outsourcing services based on accounting standards of each country. We prepare your financial report based on USGAAP, IFRS, and any other accounting principles.

Payment handling and fund management services

With your approval, we make payments to employees, vendors, tax authorities and so forth using your designated banking system including foreign banks.

Assistance in financial audit process

We provide assistance in financial audit process as well as assistance in internal audit conducted by your internal auditors dispatched from overseas head office. In case that your accounting documents are stored at our office, we can offer our conference room where the audit can be conducted.

Tax services (cooperative service with Tax Consulting Firm EOS)

We prepare various types of tax application form at incorporation and changes in company status, and also tax returns such as corporation tax, consumption tax and so forth. We also prepare the detail of tax returns and tax reporting packages in English, and bilingual staff members are available to respond to your inquiries in Japanese and English.