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Systems Development and IoT Services Development

EPCS has abundant experience offering a range of office solutions including information system optimization and work-style reforms.
Using the expertise gained from our development experience, we are developing IoT systems related to behavior management and facility usage as well as AI systems that are expected to proliferate in the future.

Offshore development environment with a bilingual team

We work closely with our offshore development environment in order to quickly and flexibly meet needs around the world.

Our multinational team understands corporate cultures around the globe​

By working as a team comprised of members from many different nationalities and backgrounds, we offer not only our knowledge of Japanese culture but also a global standard of service.

API and Server-side Development Proficiency

We are proficient in server-side and API development aimed toward creating applications compatible with a variety of other vendors and solutions.


YourReservations is a one stop website for all your online resource reservation needs. Our online reservations system is very flexible to manage from one to any number of resources such as meeting rooms, rental cars, classrooms, equipment, karaoke rooms, rental rooms, sports facilities etc.